Friday, 1 May 2009

मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा...

Thanks a lot friends for the comments on the video i have uploaded on YouTube..

The song Which I uploaded on YouTube is appreciated by each and every one..

So today I am posting the High Quality of the Song in AVI format so each of you can see the video in High Quality as the last one was in .FLV format which is not as good as .AVI

Hope that everyone will like this video and will love to see the video in High quality.
The Song which I uploaded on YouTube is just below..
You can watch it here as well..

Hope that you all will enjoy this..

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If you want,You can also download the video in High quality..
Then just Click on the given link,and download the song in High quality free of charge..
and even the song is in AVI format so i am sure that each of you is definitely going to love that.

Download Now [Video Format]

Download Now [Mp3 Format]

As this video song is built in .Xvid codec,you might face difficulties playing the song in Windows Media player.But for the quality of the Video the .Xvid codecs are essential.
So If You want to play the song,Please download the Codec K-lite which is free of charge and after installing that you will be able to play almost all the video and audio files available till date.

Download K-lite Codec

Thanks a lot to You all...
Jay Hind...