Monday, 9 March 2009

Proud To Be an Indian..

The Muslims of India

The Muslim identity of India is a thoroughly Indian identity, very different from the Islamic identity of other Muslim countries. This unique Indo-Islamic identity has evolved over centuries of intermingling of traditions, culture, religion and social contacts. The influence that practices of other religions had on the Islamic tradition, and vice-versa also led to the evolution of unique socio-religious traditions of the Muslims in India.

Indian Muslims draw their traditions from Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Afghans, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Abysinians, and most of all from the traditions of the various regions of India. Indeed the Muslims of India, who are descendents of the original inhabitants of India for millennia, are as diverse as India itself.

By the 14th century when Turk kings ruled in the north, India had become a major center of Islamic learning. What Leonardo da Vinci represents to European renaissance, Amir Khusrou represents to Indian renaissance. In that period the major trend amongst the Muslims in India was to learn the philosophy, culture and tradition of India and to introduce the philosophy and culture of the Muslim world into India. Thus Khusrou was the pioneer in creating a new Indo-Islamic culture and tradition, and also a new language called Hindvi, the ancestor of today Hindi and Urdu.

Another major development in the Indo-Islamic ethos was in the area of architecture and technology. Ain-e-Akbari, the 16th century masterpiece gives ample evidence of Muslims having produced a variety of mechanical devices e.g. wagon mills, multi-barreled guns, screw cannons, and a variety of ingenuous machinery. Countless magnificent monuments and buildings all across India speak eloquently of the Muslims contribution to India distinct architecture. Muslims made major initiatives in the production of quality products like cosmetics, textiles, zari-work, metallurgy, glass and ceramics. Tipu Sultan is known to have developed rockets for use in his army against the expanding British campaign in India.

The development of irrigation, hydraulics and the construction of canals flourished as never before during the long Mogul reign. The harnessing of the principles of hydraulics and the use of devices such as deep wells, Persian wheel and artificial lakes, resulted in the development of the unique Mughal gardens. Large scale development of orchards and agricultural production was another enterprise of the Muslims.

Socially and culturally the greatest Muslim impact of the medieval era on India was through the Sufi movement which led to the growth of the Bhakti movement. The downfall of the Mogul empire after the first war of independence in 1857, saw Muslims of India go through a very traumatic period in which Muslims were subjected to much oppression by the new British rulers.

In the early decades of the 20th century growth of revolutionary and nationalistic literature occurred in the Muslim community. Slogans like Inquilab Zindabad, and songs like Saaray jahan say acchha Hindostan hamaara, and Allama Iqbal enthusiastic advocacy of the Indian nationalism are nuggets of India long freedom struggle.

The partition of India in 1947 was a traumatic event for the Muslims of India, a majority of whom had taken active part in India's freedom struggle under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, and did not want the partition. With guidance from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Indian Muslims again started dedicating themselves to the building of the new nation, and to become active in various fields. After decades of struggling with this situation, Muslims are now well adjusted to the changed milieu of India.

Another important contribution of Muslims to the growth of the Indian culture is music and movies. Some of India's top musicians of the 20th century, continuing on after 1947 are Muslims who contributed much to the substantial growth of genuine Hindustani vocal music, e.g. Khayal, Taraana, Dhrupad, Thumri, Qawwali, Ghazal, and musical instruments like Sitar, Sarod and Shehnai.

As the movie industry developed in India, Muslims took a leading role as actors/actresses, directors, producers, music-directors etc, putting Bollywood on the world stage of cinema.

In the last few decades India's Muslims are again trying to re-invent the Aligarh movement of the late 1800s and dedicate themselves to acquiring education. Although much remains to be done in this area, as the 21st century dawned, one could see the Muslim community in various parts of India, north, south, east, west, make a sincere effort to start educational institutions.

The recent emergence of PJ Abul Kalam, India's top missile scientist, Azim Premji, a pioneer in the rapidly growing Information Technology industry, and the internationally renowned painter MF Hussain, as the as top leaders in their fields in India, is a testimony that Muslims in India are bouncing back to find their niche in the world class powerhouse, that India is today.

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  1. nice blog dear friend

  2. Wonderful to see something like this up, particularly in the blogosphere. I think we forget sometimes that Indian secularism is about including - and celebrating - all our religions. All the very best with your work here.

  3. excellent job brother...

  4. This is the 21st century India where race, religion and caste is history...the real power in today's world is economic strenght...With India growing at 9% year after year, its the result of the efforts of a billion of us - whether Hindus or Muslims or whatever. In the next 50 years, India, will be an example of development and diversity - her golden history will be relived!

  5. Gr8 to see this stuff....I feel very happy and proud to be an Indian like you....

  6. Hello

    I just wanted to say Thank U. I know sometimes it must have been hard for muslims (like for Hindus as well) but if we fight together, we will get rid of all this politics and hatrate.


  7. bro...u slapped those people divided our motherland by religion..
    they are not hindu or muslim ..
    but we are indian

  8. cant describe in words how good i m feeling rite now......enuf of the dark ages....its time to usher in the light....
    thanx a ton

  9. Thanks a ton for posting such a wonderful blog. We all are INDIANS.


  10. Thank you friend and fellow Indian. Thanks for your posting of Mile sur mera Tuhmara... a high quality indeed.

    I have meny muslim friends and they are all dear to me. We are all Indians and equally proud to be Indians. May God give you more strength to serve our motherland.

  11. Thats the kind of sprit we need today when these politicians and terrorist are trying to separate us in the name of religion. Our actual strength lies in our unity in diversity.
    pakistan always try to show itself as the savior of muslims. but what they don't understand is that their are more Muslims in Indian then the total population of pakistan and Indian muslims are loyal to India.

    Yeh desh phir sone ki chidya ban jayaga mere bhai agar hum sath mil kar chalae.

    saare jaha say acha hindosata hamara !!!

    Jai Hind !!! Jai Bharat!!!

  12. MAy peace and happiness be with everyone.
    The real problem with the whole world is a crisis of identity .
    We have forgotten the real identity of soul,rooh
    and identify everyone by this temporoary shelter(body).
    what is your religion,gender,status after death will you carry those forward?
    In godly service
    Brahma Kumaris

  13. I have a general respect towards muslims and my respect increases manifold when I see patriotric Muslims who truly committed 2 India first. Keep up the good work bro.

  14. Indian Muslims have always made India proud. Be it in bollywood the three khans, Mohamad Rafi, great actrors like Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, etc.
    The best of Indian Craftsmen be it lucknow chikan, Zardozi, Meenakari, pottery, carving, painting, etc. All these gifts are given to us by the Indian Muslims. They are hardworking n dedicated in whatever they do.

  15. My fellow Indian Muslims... you really cheer for Fuck-istan aah!.......Sunlo aap ke padosi ke dil me aap ke liye kya izzat hai... now you decide what.... whether wanna get FUCKED by them or wanna FUCK them......

    check my article on "Secularism" @

  16. My fellow Indian Muslims... you really cheer for Fuck-istan aah!.......Sunlo aap ke padosi ke dil me aap ke liye kya izzat hai... now you decide what.... whether wanna get FUCKED by them or wanna FUCK them......

    check my article on "Secularism" @
    25 October 2009 14:11

  17. "anekta me ekta", that is the identity of india. that is why it's culture is so rich. thats why it got freedom. thats why it's growing leaps and bounds.

  18. very nicely said....bro....i m very honoured to see that u considred yourself as a part of this country....and it realiie doesn't matter wether u are hindu,muslim,sikh or christian....because one thing that, i surely know that u are an INDIAN....JAI HIND.

  19. u r gr8.....aapke blog se to yahi lagta hai...

  20. lovely brother
    u r a true Indian
    How gr8 i am feeling here and reading your blog cant be define in words.I am lucky to born in a country where we have patriots like u.
    I salute from d bottom of my heart.

  21. awesome....i love these sentiments....thats what i admire,,,,u r an INDIAN first, then hindu or for the country.....this reminds me of Capt Hanifuddin, who made the supreme sacrifice on June 7 fighting the Pakistani intruders in Turtuk sector which has now been renamed after him.

  22. Can we do something more constructive? I am also an Indian Muslim share the same sentiments. Let me know if we can do really something constructive.

  23. what a great article. Sorry to say but immature people like Vinny have no place in this blog..
    I've been living in UK for last 7 yrs,. i m not a muslim.. but I can tell u the looks I have been getting.. those suspicious looks. and it really really sucks# i can totally relate to normal muslims who face this and am telling u.. its not a great feeling..
    people dont realise how hard it is when u r being doubted and u have to prove ur innocence all the time!!
    great blog by the way. I do agree muslims (although I would say Indian citizens first) have contributed to this country just as any other Indian, so we cant alienat them.. and fuck those terrorists who are traitors who unfortunately happen to be some muslims and ruining for regular muslims and other citizens

  24. Love u all Indian Muslims.
    Please forget Babri and Gujrat episodes.
    Waise bhi Bhaiyon ke beech mein jhagde hote rehte hein.Leking use hamesha yaad nahin rakhna chahiye.
    Let show the whole world How Indians Live.....

  25. Firstly I thanks for the lovly "Mile Sur Mera...........".

    Apart from that, it wont be better to have you blog name : proudtobeindian .

    Just think about it.

    Be a part of the whole nation, dont break in class.

  26. the title is apt.. it's the reality.. thanks for the blog.. it sent goosebumps thru my blood.. thanks brother


  27. Hindus hate Muslims, thats truth. Now you can keep fooling yourself but Muslims of India are realizing and wont fall for Chanakya Neeti more.

  28. I have seen the last 'anonymous' statement. He didn't even have the guts to put his name.

    This blog is not just a blog but a true feeling of a real Indian Muslim.. Keep up the good work brother..

  29. Nice Blog Brother.....
    I really appreciate your work...

  30. Wonderful blog my dear brother. Jai Hind!!!

  31. ek bhartiya nagrik30 January 2010 at 05:31

    in sabhi bahaumulya videos ke liye shukriya.
    bahut sundar.
    mujhe garv hai ki hum sub ek hi dharti me paida hue.
    dost tumhe salaam.

    mile sur mera tumhara, to sur bane hamara
    aur hamara sur sabse buland rahega


  32. beautiful comments by fresh minded fellow Hindus and other (Indians)... really appreciated... makes me forget personal experiences in the past (let's take this opportunity to forget it my fellow Indians)... but when we are moving forward all united, together hands in hands, people like Vinny and 'anonymous' just spoil the unity and believe me, it hurts personally (i m no representative of Muslims)... yes! after seeing these comments and numerous other examples (like a beautiful scene in the end of the movie New York, where American Muslim child is being tossed by his fellow American friends and Irfan Khan's character brings in the new reality to us), i genuinely feel that times are changing... indeed India can grow only when we move forward together... remember the proud moments of 1857 and thw whole Independence struggle...

    now there is another side of this... Vinny has some truth in what he says... why are we not hanging Ajmal Kasab, Afzal Guru?? why this 'secular' image??? this is infact more dangerous than the actual killing of innocents... as we are being fooled by governments (not juss Congress or BJP, etc.)... wht does not media play an active role in deglamorising fanatics and hypocrites... why do not India become a stong nation by stopping all the seperatists... why do not we ourselves set examples by making India strong this way... why not a uniformity in rules... why corruption... why favoritism... man!!! i got sentimental... anyways...

    i would really appreciate people voicing their opinions more often, for this really creates an atmosphere for kicking people like Vinny and 'anonymous' out of our lives, coz they simply do not understand the concept of that an other can be a friend too!!! let we Muslims follow what our Prophet did - no offence, no killing of innocent women, children and old people and imbibe the beautiful and unique concept of 'Karma' in our lives... and our fellow Hindu friends will follow it with their yet another beautiful concept of 'Atithi Devo Bhava' and vice versa
    Cheers mate!

  33. dude...goosebumps still pop up even after watching this video many times...Hope terror and corruption cease and peace prevail.With people like you in our country these problems cant even tear INDIA as little as a split hair...cheers!

  34. Asadullah Hyderali31 January 2010 at 16:37

    First of all let me thank you for such a wonderful and informative article.

    Though there exists communalists in our country, I can assure each and everyone of you that they only make up a very small part of our population and most of them are uneducated. While we thrive for success its quite natural to face hurdles in a country like ours due to red tapism, corruption etc.

    We Indian muslims should hold the hands of our fellow Indians regardless of their religion and march forward to make our country a superpower.

    May Allah bless my Country
    Hindustan Zindabad

  35. sons need not prove loyalty to mother...every indian who seeks any indian of any religion to prove his loyalty to india must go home and prove his loyalty to his mother...u make my head high...higher than it has ever been...God Bless person/people behind this blog

  36. this is first of its kind blog. As indians, we all feel it within ourseleves - that we are one; but never really express it so beautifuly! "mile sur mera tumhara, toh sur bane hamara" - beautiful.
    May God bless my nation with peace and prosperity!

  37. Dear Brothers, I am really impressed that such a blog has been created. Religion was created (by us humans) to make our lives better and not to make us fight. India is a highly capable country but other nations do not want us to go anywhere. They still want to divide and rule. I think it is really important to stay united under all circumstances.

    Jai Hind

  38. Hi, just visited your blog first time, and found it quite interesting. Nice post indeed. Thanks for sharing it to all.
    Praveen singh
    Lucknow Chikan

  39. All I can say is simply amazing. I am proud of the Indian Muslims. I am proud that they have managed to convince me that it is not the religion but some misguided followers. I am proud that we Indians are compensating for those misguided in there faith. Finally, I am proud for the redemption that your commitment has made to a lot of things understood but just cannot be put to words.

    Rajiv Totlani

  40. My father and his mother along with 2 brothers had to leave East Pakistan and come to India, West Bengal for living. They had to leave all their land, property and strong culture, and come to India in empty hand. My father said Muslims of Dhaka wanted to kill all hindus, so they had to flee. Some of our relatives who thought that fellow villagers or citizens will not hurt them were killed at their home. My father hates muslims by heart.

    But astonishingly as I am born and grown up in a small town in West Bengal I never found any Muslim who wants to kill nonmuslims. I have mate many Muslim persons, I have few muslim friends. I never found they really want to kill Hindus.

  41. Indian moussies are pathetic! In fact, this is the worst community in the world. Now, that is come achievement for which you guys should be really proud.

  42. firstly thanks a lot for putting us under the indian heading&not pakis or terrorists.we indian muslims are in a very bad&urgent need of a literate,modern,"indian",anti pakistani&at the same time islamic leadership.all the community elders who fit the bill pls help us out we r a sinking lot as of now

  43. i am so happy to see this blog. i have always boasted about my indian muslims, saying how they are the best and you can never find them involved in any terrorism because India is their country. I always ask all foreigners who badmouth india saying it's backward, and full of religious tensions to show me any Indian Muslim who is a terrorist.They then have to shut up. All the riots are politically instigated, we the people know that.My bff is an Indian Muslim and we are inseparable which also people from other countries wonder about. Hah. Stupid Fools.
    A Proud Indian

  44. no matter what we are . we are indians first brother..
    nice blog...
    keep it up.

  45. Many thanks for the YouTube uploads! :)

  46. It would be appreciated if you remove the religion.... blog owner conveys difference in view by putting the religion name.


  48. Very Nics Blog indeed !
    This should be the Thought of every Indian !
    Peace !
    Luv u for ur Blog !!!

  49. Brother,
    Love each and every one of you out there who think so, even those who don't. Would do everything in my will and worth to help you in life being the child of the same Great Nation as you all are! Jai Hind!

  50. That is simply Awesome job brother. Proud to have muslim brothers like U. Vande Mataram!

  51. So we should forget about all those bomb blasts and sing praises about some moron Muslim Shaiyar
    So how many bomb blasts will be required to make you understand what Muslim are?

  52. Muslims had been knocked down by their religion and that's the reason you don't find many pioneering Muslims. About your blog, good that Muslims live in non-Islamic country which is quite helpful to form their own traditions and discarding the ones which does not make sense or is harmful to society. Still religion riots is a problem.

    Also among all other religions that I know of, Islam is the worst one when it comes to empowerment of women. Hope that changes.

  53. India is a secular country. We need freedom for all religions as well as freedom FROM religion. I don't know how you will react to an Indian patriot who is an atheist.

  54. Indian Muslims are far far better than Pak ppl. I strongly condemn the demolition of Babri Masjid by those Hindu extremist morons, who believed to win 80% Hindu votes by discrimination. Hello RSS & VHP, this is India & not ur party office. U can now better understand that out of 80%, only 20% supported u, haha.
    But look at Pak, several incidents of blowing of mosques by suicide bombers happened. Pak can't provide a minimum safety to their mosques.
    Even after living in a Hindu majority nation, Muslims hv struggled to shine India in the fields of Science, Sports, Music, Theatre, Arts, Military, Politics.etc. We pay huge respect to these Muslims. The problem with many Muslim sections is poverty & lack of quality education. We 'll stand together with u to cope up with these problems.
    & VERY IMPORTANT: to all religions & castes in India, don't get influenced & biased by riots/religious yatras. These are totally politically motivated to win votes. The only beneficiaries r f..king politicians.
    Always cast ur vote on the basis of performance/development not religion or caste.

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